New Look
Why The Change?
The primary purpose of this site is to display galleries of photos either for purchase or for editorial use. We felt that navigating these galleries was cumbersome at best with you, our customer, having to constantly swap back and forth between the index page of images and a larger version of the image you were interested in. Besides, the old site was starting to look tired, so a fresher coat of paint was the order of the day.
Our primary concern was to therefore make the whole browsing task a lot easier.
Hopefully you'll have noticed that each gallery is shown as a collection of 40 images per page with navigation button(s) to move between pages located on the lower gallery bar? There are also quick links where you can jump directly to a page of images at will.
At present, the 40 images per page is fixed, although we may make a minor adjustment in future whereby you'll be able to customise how many images you'd like to see per page.
The changes don't stop there though. Once an image has been clicked, you can either click it again to launch the image in it's own window and at a slightly larger, clearer size, or, using the navigation buttons (again, found at the bottom of the screen) you can step backwards and forwards through the images without the need to return to the index page each time.

We'd hope you agree that these minor changes make the whole experience a little more pleasurable.

The image tracking facility for phase 2 has now been fully launched.

We're still playing with colours at the moment - the old white look was just too white - so don't be surprised to see things changing from time to time. Hell, we may even introduce a different colour scheme for different days of the week ;-)

Wondering what the background image is? It's a view from a Mallorcan cave.

Your feedback on the new look and functionality is very much encouraged.
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