Spoofed Mail

It appears that since 7th April 2006, we've been targetted as being a spam mail sender.

These mails have not originated from us as we use email purely to conduct business.

Some sad, waste of a skin, is apparently getting pleasure from'spoofing' emails so that they appear to have originated from us. If you do get one of these emails, please ignore and delete it.

Our emails will relate to either rallying, rugby, diving, general photography or anything related to our website. Any mails that offer medications, porn, loans, mortgages or any other cr*p that is the currently in-vogue spam will NOT have come from us.

We suggest you keep your computer protected with up to date Anti Virus, Firewall and Anti Spyware products.

We highly recommend Avast! antivirus, Zone Alarm and Ad Aware, all of which are currently free for personal use.