About devilgas
We have been involved with photography for over 30 years, but started 'serious photography' with rallying in 2002. We were the appointed official photographers for the Welsh Tarmac Championship for 3 years, have been the official photographer for various rallies including the iconic Targa Rusticana and the official photographer for the inaugural 4 years of the Paddy Hopkirk patroned Donor GT rally. Our rally action shots regularly appeared in both national and international press.

From 2007, we expanded into rugby, football and cricket. Our rugby work centres around the Swalec Welsh leagues and we have been the official photographer for Barry RFC, the Vale of Glamorgan junior rugby teams, as well as covering Welsh Premiership games and numerous Wales Deaf RFC matches. Throughout the rugby season we enjoy continual press coverage in local and national publications, and have done since 2007.

Our football work mainly involved Barry Town FC, a club steeped in Welsh footballing history, boasting numerous Welsh Cup wins and visits to Europe competing in the Cup Winners Cup. Barry are currently battling in the Welsh Premier league, with photos of ours having regularly appeared in local press.
Our cricket exploits focused primarily on the Sully Centurions, regular winners of the Welsh Premiership cricket league, Welsh Cup and 20-20 competitions. Again, our in-your-face action shots feature heavily in the local press.

Lately, we have moved into running, swimming and triathlon events - both as competitors and as photographers, and cover all aspects of an event, from in-water work to the more usual dry land stuff too.

We can cover most types of event, including running, cycling, swimming, any type of motorsport, athletics, equestrian, ice hockey, in fact....you name it, we can probably do it.

Anyone that follows our feed will see that we don't just do sport photography, but are also accomplished in commercial, food photos, landscapes and other social events.

Why devilgas? We are avid scuba divers and back in the last century, a then new breathing gas came onto the general scene - nitrox. Back then, change was frowned upon and it got the nickname of "The Devil's Gas" or simply "devilgas". We pounced on the unregistered .com domain name and the rest is history

The image at the top? That was shot in Cocos in 2013. It's a hammerhead shark that was about 1.5 - 2m away at the time. They got closer!

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