We now only offer images for purchase digitally.

Whilst we are raising money for the Wales Air Ambulance, RNLI, Cancer Research and Parkinson's, digital images are mostly priced at £4 instead of the usual £5
The exception is certain photos, such as team photos, that are priced at £15 which reflects the fact that the image will no doubt be shared amongst a number of people.

All digital images are offered for sale for private use only.
This means that they cannot be used commercially in any capacity, offered for re-sale, used in the media (be that print or digital).

© of all images remains with devilgas

** Check Digital Usage for more info **

Each image will be significantly larger than the proof images shown on this site. The older galleries were shot using older technology - 6 to 12 megapixel cameras. Our newest images are typically shot using a 17 megapixel camera (~ 5000 x 3400 pixels). Our in-water shots have been captured using action cams and are subsequently smaller in dimensions but still perfectly printable at 12"x8".

International orders: All payments will need to be made in pounds sterling, therefore, Paypal is the recommended payment method.

If paying using paypal, we will need to add the fees associated with this method of payment. We have created a Paypal Fee Calculator so you can see what the fees will be.