Why we are raising money for various charities...
Later in 2020, Dave will be taking on a cycle ride in aid of the Wales Air Ambulance which will follow a route from the North Wales base at Caernarvon, through to the base at Welshpool, then on to the Llanelli base and finally finishing at the Cardiff base.

Why the Wales Air Ambulance?
Back in 2001, a now good friend, Simon Richardson, was involved in a road traffic accident whilst out riding close to his then, hometown of Porthcawl. His injuries were numerous, with his legs and back being severly injured and he was left with no feeling down his left side. Not being one to be easily beaten, Simon started riding again in 2005 as a para-athlete. His drive to push himself, despite his life changing injuries, culminated in him winning 2 gold and 1 silver medals at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games

On an early August morning in 2011, whilst in training for London 2012, Simon was once again involved in another RTA. This time, he had been struck - at speed - by a hit-and-run drunk driver on the A48 and callously left for dead. Simon's injuries this time were life threatening and it was probably only due to the intervention of the Wales Air Ambulance that Simon is still alive today.

Since that moment, Simon has been a patron for the WAA and is actively and continually raising funds for the charity.

Why Cancer Research / Parkinson's?
There are numerous friend and family links to both of these charities, and the important work they do needs no explanation.

Why the RNLI?
As divers and sea swimmers, the RNLI have always been a lifeline in times of distress.
Touching wood, we have never needed to call on their services (with the exception of a mistaken identity shout, raised on our behalf, during a diver boat handling course)