New site
After a few weeks of toil and stupidly late nights, the new site has finally gone live.

The old site was looking, well, old, so a new lick of paint was required.
But you know what happens when you paint? You spot all the other stuff that needs fixing also.

In our case, that meant making the site mobile responsive (if you're on a desktop, try resizing your browser window) and breaking away from a fixed screen size, so we rebuilt the site from scratch*.

What we now have is a site that should be easier to browse, easier to tag photos you're interested in, easier to see on both desktop and mobile devices and look a little bit more modern.

When viewing photos that are available for purchase, we've added a 'tag me!' icon in the top right corner of the image to make it easier to tag and untag images and to see which images you have already tagged.

We still have lots of work to do:
• updating the gallery view to allow tagging without having to click through to the image
• adding all of the rugby galleries from the last 5 seasons
• adding all of the diving content
• adding all of the other miscellaneous things that were dotted around (bull$hit bingo etc)
• cleaning out all of the remnants of the old site

If you have any comments or suggestions, we'd be pleased to receive it!
email us

*For the geeks, we used a tweaked version of the w3.css framework.