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A new service from devilgas.....hire-a-photographer

OK, what's the deal?
Hire us to cover your event and get a bucket load of electronic images to very nearly do with as you wish!

Very nearly? What are the restrictions?
We are offering a licence for you to use any supplied images for non-profit, non- commercial use.
Basically, you can't sell them on, however you can pretty much do whatever you like on a personal / private use basis. This means you can pass them on in emails, print them at home, in a pro photo lab or even in a highstreet or supermarket photo lab. You can also use the images in promotional material such as club programmes, yearbooks and the such.

How about using them on websites?
No problem. All we require is that you include a link back to
We do however recommend making the images smaller for website use as the originals are rather large!

What about copyright?
Copyright, will always remain with us. You're simply purchasing a perpetual licence to print or distribute the images on a strictly non commercial basis.

Prints. What size can I print them at?
The supplied images will be 6 megapixels or greater and will easily print at A4 size (12" x 8") in high quality. They can be pushed to A3 size comfortably and would also print larger again but will not stand up to close inspection.

Why should I bother?
For a relatively small outlay, you can have a raft of images available to use on websites, give to competitors / players, give to sponsors and use for the Club or whatever private use.

What's the 'small outlay'?
To cover a rally or motor race, we'd charge £225 plus travel expenses at 25p/mile
To cover a rugby or football match, the cost is £175 plus travel expenses at 25p/mile over a 20 mile nominal travel distance.
If the event necessitates an overnight stay (we avoid these wherever possible), that will also need to be factored into the costs.
Other events, such as tournaments, athletics etc, get in touch and we can quote you an all-in price.

What! That's extortionate!
Is it? If you are a rally organiser with say 80 registered competitors, you can add a measly £3 to the entry fee and be able to boast the ability to give competitors free, professional quality photos of themselves from the rally. The number of photos will depend on how many stages it's feasible to get to and how long the competitor stays mobile.
If you're a race series organiser with say 30 entrants. For an extra £8 or so, you can offer the same deal.
If you are a rugby or football team. Compare the costs to win and appearance bonuses that may be paid to participants. For a comparatively small extra , you get a load of photos that can be given to the players, used in the clubhouse, used in match day programmes, given to sponsors, used on the club website etc etc.

Why is motorsport more expensive than rugby or football?
Quite simply it's down to time. Post processing for rugby and football is relatively quick and simple. Motorsport is different in that we need to spend many hours renaming photos to make it easier to identify who is who. Also there is significantly more time spent covering the event than at a typical rugby or football match.

How long before we'd get the images?
Usually within a few days of the event, however as stated above, motorsport takes longer so we'd aim to have the CD / DVD of images in the post within 1 week.

OK, what's your availability?
If you check our calendar, there's a complete list of available weekend dates on there for both this year and next.

What experience do you have?
We have been involved with photography for over 20 years, but started seriously with rallying in 2002. We were the official photographers for the Welsh championships for 3 years, have been the official photographer for various rallies including the iconic Targa Rusticana and the official photographer for the inaugral 4 years of the Paddy Hopkirk patroned Donor GT rally. Our rally action shots regularly appear in the national and international press.
We've since moved into rugby, football and cricket. Our rugby work centres around the Swalec Welsh leagues, being the official photographer for Barry RFC, the Vale of Glamorgan junior rugby teams, as well as covering Welsh Premiership games and numerous Wales Deaf RFC matches. Throughout the rugby season we can boast continual press coverage in local and national publications.
Our football work mainly involves Barry Town FC, a club steeped in footballing history, boasting numerous Welsh Cup wins and visits to Europe competing in the Cup Winners Cup. Barry are currently battling in the Welsh Division 1 league, with photos of ours regularly appearing in local press.
Our cricket exploits focus primarily on the Sully Centurions, regular winners of the Welsh Premiership cricket league. Again, our in-your-face action shots feature heavily in the local press.
We can cover most types of event, including cycling, any type of motorsport, athletics, equestrian, in name it, we can do it.

What about non sporting stuff like weddings, product photography, modelling etc?
Commercial work is also covered, however you'd need to go to our commercial arm. is purely for covering adrenaline sports!