Cocos Island - Costa Rica '11
Northern Red Sea '10
South Africa / Mozambique - Shark Fest - '10
Salem Express - exit from car deck video (10Mb)
Red Sea Dec '09 - Brothers / Daedalus / Elphinstone / Salem Express
South Africa - Shark week - '09
Mallorca '08
Red Sea May '08 - Brothers / Elphinstone - The Best
Red Sea May '08 - Brothers / Elphinstone - The Rest
Red Sea '08 - St Johns / Fury Shoal / Elphinstone
Maldives '07 - Meedhupparu
Red Sea '07 - Carnatic
Red Sea '07 - Chrisoula K
Red Sea '07 - Dunraven
Red Sea '07 - Giannis D
Red Sea '07 - Jolanda (cargo)
Red Sea '07 - Rosalie Moller
Red Sea '07 - Thistlegorm
Red Sea '07 - Ulysses
Red Sea '07 - Reefs

Mallorca '06
Red Sea '05
Red Sea '04
Maldives 2k1
Red Sea '99
Red Sea '98
Dominican Republic '98
Salem Express
Other Diving Stuff
**New** Cocos 2011 - Report, Tips and Tricks
**New** Comparison of Frogman, Fa&Mi Super Ledium and Intova ICON LED diving torches
Mega Macro on the Fuji F30
Cheap underwater wide angle solution for Fuji F30
Mini comparison of compact LED diving torches
Diving and the Fuji F30 camera
**Updated** Diving in Majorca / Mallorca
Farrworld Cavern and Overhead Environment Course
Sea Glare diving torch manual (PDF)- German, French, Dutch, English
Review of "Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea" by Ned Middleton
**Updated** Tips and settings for using the Olympus 5060 underwater
**Updated** review of Olympus 5060, PT-020 and MikeDive TTL strobe connector
**Updated** Salvaging a PT-020 housing with a broken bulkhead connector
Review of the UK C4 eLED diving torch
Converting a YS50TTL strobe for double flash
Cheap DIY underwater strobe
Replacing a battery in a Suunto Solution dive computer
DIY oxygen analyser
GPS, Lat Long and UTM
Diving Links
Days Diversified Services (dive shop, superb service & prices!)
Farrworld - Cavern and Cave diving with Martyn Farr
Big Blue - dive centre in Magalluf / Mallorca
MAD (Mallorca Adventure Divers) - dive centre in Santa Ponsa