As we are unable to take credit card payments and in an effort to minimise crank phone calls, we conduct all business through email.

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Most of the photos presented on this site are available for purchase as reprints or in electronic format.

In addition, we can provide:-

Photoshoots can be arranged either at your premises or on-event. Photoshoots at a location other than an event will usually incur a travel charge. On-event photoshoots need to be arranged beforehand. For further information, contact us at

Digital post processing
Digital re-processing is available whereby images can be electronically manipulated to suit.

For examples, see here.

Simple manipulations, such as titling and basic art effects, can be accomodated free of charge. More complex manipulations, such as adding sponsor logos to backgrounds or making cars 'fly', will be charged based on the degree of manipulation required.

Event photography
If you want your event or occasion covering by devilgas photographic, check out the details and calendar